The Bucks Beautiful History

The origin of Bucks Beautiful started with Robert & Joyce Byers in the late 1980’s. Inspired by a tour through Europe, they wanted to start an initiative to beautify Bucks County’s small town residential communities and rolling landscapes with a wealth of lush public gardens.  The Byers noticed how each European town center would feature beautiful gardens fostering great community pride, creating a wonderful sense of place. Since historic Bucks County is already internationally recognized for its history, the arts, its beautiful surroundings and philanthropic spirit; the Byers knew they could bring others together to emulate this remarkable European tradition in our own local communities and small towns.  In 1990, Betz Laboratories CEO Jack McCaughan (now retired) and his wife Carol joined the Byers in officially founding Bucks Beautiful, a 501c3 non profit community organization.

Our original design was to promote and extend the development of lush and distinctive gardens in our communities, towns, business premises and private homes. Individuals, organizations and businesses are invited to participate in Bucks Beautiful and beautify Bucks County with creative plantings reflecting variety, color, creativity and visual impact.

The Bucks Beautiful Mission

Bucks Beautiful has blossomed into a thriving organization which coordinates events, community projects and educational programs.  We create partnerships with like-minded civic coalitions to develop attractive yet sustainable vistas to foster a healthier environment.  Over the past three decades, we have worked to enhance the local landscape for residents and visitors alike by beautifying our towns, schools, parks, roadsides and pathways throughout Bucks County.