Bucks Beautiful’s newest initiative RePlant Bucks, was started as a direct result of the accumulated effects of over a decade of disease and invasive insects on the tree canopy in Bucks County. As this has been devastating to witness, through RePlant Bucks we are committed to lead the way in facilitating the reforestation of our local communities and working with other local organizations to restore the tree population in Bucks County.

In 2014 the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources reported that ash forests in Pennsylvania had been reduced by 12%. Andrew Liebhold, a research entomologist with the United States Forest Service said, “Ninety-nine percent of the ashes in North America are probably going to die.” And, it can take as little as two years for the ash borer to kill a tree. This loss of Ash trees has been most dramatic in our public parks, where ash is a major species.

The goal of RePlant Bucks for 2018 is the planting of 10,000 trees throughout Bucks County at locations hard hit by the devastation of the emerald ash borer, beginning a replacement program for the ash trees that have been killed by the emerald ash borer. Thousands of ash trees have been cut down to minimize the dangerous conditions of falling limbs on the adjacent roadways, walking paths and picnic areas. The reforestation of these areas will ultimately consist of oaks, tulips, poplars, evergreens, sugar maples, shagbark hickories, chestnuts and red maples. These trees, planted as “whips,” which are two to three-year-old trees without branches, must be planted before April 15 while they are still dormant. These young trees will be planted in groves by local nurseries participating in the initiative.

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Invasive Insects Affecting our Trees

Photo – Spotted Lanternfly Adults – source: PSU

The Spotted Lanternfly is a potential threat to several important crops including grapes, peaches and timber trees. Many sites within the infested area have high populations of spotted lanternflies. Every landowner who effectively uses control measures will help to reduce the potential for this insect to spread to new territory.  As of August 22, 2016 confirmed populations of the spotted lanternfly are known to exist in numerous locations in PA, including Milford Township and Trumbauersville Borough in Bucks County.

Source:  https://extension.psu.edu/what-to-do-if-you-find-spotted-lanternfly

The Emerald Ash Borer has killed more than 40 million ash trees in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, New York, Tennessee, Iowa, Kansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, New Jersey, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Nebraska, and Delaware.  In June 2007 the first confirmed detection in PA  was in Cranberry Township in Butler County and Marshall Township in Allegheny County.  It has now been detected in 62 counties in PA.

Source: http://ento.psu.edu/extension/trees-shrubs/emerald-ash-borer


In the News – Our Tree Canopy

Newtown Township – The walking trails at the Clark Nature Center are closed to the public due to the presence of Emerald Ash Borer and its effects.

Nockamixon State Park, Quakertown – – Park issues firewood collection permits to collect wood from timber salvage