Bucks Beautiful Bits

We’re happy to offer an addition to our educational program.  Melissa Palmer, a Master Gardener and Florist by trade,  broadcasts brief clips highlighting people, places and plants unique to our area.  Throughout the year, Melissa introduces us to fascinating community members, fun public and private places to visit, and share great gardening tips!  Be sure to tune in to her reports on the wonderful work Bucks Beautiful and our partners are doing to enhance Bucks County.


Melissa Palmer – this dynamic professional instructs at Longwood Gardens and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  She is also a frequent speaker at the Philadelphia Flower Show and Delaware Valley University.  

Click to meet Melissa!    

Sensational Sunflowers   It’s sunflower season and these beauties are sun-sational!  Check out our visit to Hellerick’s Family Farm for fun facts and smart tips on these popular natives.    

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, therefore Hellerick’s is donating some of their proceeds to the Ukrainian Federation of America.  Funds raised will purchase medical supplies for Ukraine’s hospitals.  For details visit www.hellericksfarm.com.       

Impressions of Nature.”  Melissa speaks with Bucks County Artist Sandy Askey-Adams about her inspiration from nature.  She displays some of her ethereal paintings of bucolic Bucks County landscapes.   View more of her artistic work and learn of her upcoming shows:  www.sandyaskeyadams.com.       


Language of Flowers.”  Melissa explains Floriography, or the language of flowers, with a historical context.  She also demonstrates how to make a meaningful Tussy Mussy bouquet.  Check out Melissa’s favorite books on the subject:  “A Victorian Flower Dictionary” by Mandy Kirkby; “Language of Flowers” by Kate Greenaway; “The Complete Language of Flowers” by S. Theresa Dietz; “Floriography” by Jessica Roux and The Language of Flowers; The Floral Offering; a Token of Affection and Esteem; Comprising the Language and Poetry of Flowers” by Henrietta Dumont.       


“Outstanding Orchids.”  A visit with Chuck Keiser and Sandy Kern of the Bucks County Orchid Society, who provide terrific tips for homeowners to keep their orchids thriving.  The group is welcoming new members to their meetings, which take place on the third Thursday of each month at Churchville Nature Center.  For more information visit them online here.  

 “Leave the Leaves.”  Melissa explains the benefits of leaf litter.

Melissa tours the Perennial Garden at Hortulus Farm with Renny Reynolds, famed garden and event designer, and co-author book “Chasing Eden; Design Inspiration from the Gardens at Hortulus Farm.”  The one hundred acre 18th century farmstead and nursery operation is situated amidst Bucks’ beautiful rolling hills. The gardens created by Renny and noted garden author Jack Staub have been called both “one of Pennsylvania’s secret treasures” and “a garden of world-class charm.”  They achieved major national prominence with the honor of Affiliate Garden of The Garden Conservancy and are longtime members of Greater Philadelphia Gardens. The Hortulus Farm Foundation was created in 2000 to ensure that this historic property will continue to exist as a public place of tranquility and horticultural inspiration in perpetuity.  

Discover Season’s Garden Center in Washington Crossing, PA.  The Seasons experience should revive the senses and provide a source to personal wellbeing through the beautiful sights, scents and sounds of nature.