Bucks Beautiful Bits

We’re happy to offer an addition to our Educational Program.  Melissa Palmer, a Master Gardener and Florist by trade, broadcasts brief clips highlighting people, places and plants unique to our area.  Throughout the year, Melissa introduces us to fascinating community members, fun public and private places, and shares great gardening tips.  Be sure to tune in to her reports on the wonderful work Bucks Beautiful and our partners are doing to enhance Bucks County.    

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Black Gold”  What is it and why is it great for my garden?  Kona Compost gives us the scoop!

A-Peeling Apples”  We had a fruitful visit to Solebury Orchards!  Tune in for core facts on apples!  

Wonderful Wasps”  You may be wary of wasps but did you know they’re beneficial to our gardens?  What should you do if wasps are chasing you?  Learn important facts in this broadcast.

Seasons Studio”  Sneak peak at Seasons Garden Center’s Studio in Washington Crossing, where workshops ranging from floral design and gardening to healthy living and creative arts are offered.

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Sensational Sunflowers”   Check out our visit to Hellerick’s Family Farm for fun facts and smart tips on these popular natives.    


Language of Flowers.”  Melissa explains Floriography, or the language of flowers, with a historical context.  She also demonstrates how to make a meaningful Tussy Mussy bouquet.  Check out Melissa’s favorite books on the subject:  “A Victorian Flower Dictionary” by Mandy Kirkby; “Language of Flowers” by Kate Greenaway; “The Complete Language of Flowers” by S. Theresa Dietz; “Floriography” by Jessica Roux and The Language of Flowers; The Floral Offering; a Token of Affection and Esteem; Comprising the Language and Poetry of Flowers” by Henrietta Dumont.