Lecture Handouts

Let’s Look at the New Perennials for 2019

Sharee Solow
Slide List: Plants in alphabetic order, all are for our zones

  1. The National Garden Bureau (NGB) plant classes 2019 “Year of the” program:
    Bulb crops: Dahlia • Annuals: Snapdragon • Vegetables/edibles: Pumpkin • Perennials: Salvia nemorosa
  2. 2019 Pantone color of the Year: Living Coral
  3. Clematis‘Meghan’ (Thorncroft Clematis launching at Chelsea, England)
  4. Clematis Boulevard Compact Patio Series ‘Charmaine Regal’ (Raymond Evison Clematis, Bailey)
  5. ‘Crimson Treasure’ Raspberry (licensee North American Plants or contact Cornell)
  6. ‘Huckleberry Gold’ Potato (Renee’s Garden Seed from Montana State)
  7. Achillea ptarmica ‘Peter Cottontail’, Yarrow (Sandy’s Plants, Brecks, Walters, Darwin, Ball)
  8. Agapanthus Galaxy Collection ‘Blue’ and ‘White’, Lily of the Nile (Burpee, Walters)
  9. Agastache rugosa ‘Beelicious Purple’,Hyssop(Concept Plants, Emerald Coast, Corso’s Perennials)
  10. Ajuga tenorii‘Princess Nadia’, Bugleweed (Plantipp.eu, Growing Colors, Michigan Bulb Co.)
  11. Allium‘Lavender Bubbles’, Ornamental Onion (Walters, Bluestone Perennials, Holland Bulb Farms)
  12. Aruncus‘Fairy Hair’, Goat’s Beard (Walters, Saunders Brothers)
  13. BaptisiaDecadence Series ‘Dark Chocolate’, False Indigo (Walters,Proven Winners)
  14. BuddleiaPugster Series ‘Pink’, ‘Amethyst’, Butterfly Bush (Saunders Brothers, Walters,Proven Winners)
  15. Buddleia‘High Five Purple’, Butterfly Bush (Plantipp, Growing Colors)
  16. BuddleiaCascade Collection ‘Grande Cascade’, ‘Pink Cascade’ Butterfly Bush/Summer Lilac (Michigan Bulb Company, Walters,Proven Winners)
  17. Calamagrostis x acutiflora‘Lightning Strike’, Feather Reed Grass (Roots&Rhizomes, Santa Rosa, Ball Seed)
  18. Cimicifuga (Actaea)simplex ‘Queen of Sheba’, Fairy Candles (Piet Oudolf, Saunders Brothers, Rijnbeek and Sons, Prides Corner)
  19. CoreopsisSizzle and Spice Series ‘Hot Paprika’, Threadleaf Tickseed (White Flower Farm, Prides Corner, Walters,Proven Winners, Darwin)
  20. Dianthus Pretty Poppers Series ‘Appleblossom Burst’, Pinks (Michigan Bulb, Walters,Proven Winners)
  21. Echinacea purpurea Bird Series ‘Parrot’, Coneflower (AB Cultivars, Growing Colors)
  22. Epimedium xrubrum ‘Galadriel’, Barrenwort (Peasant Run, NH Hostas, Creek Hill, Darwin)
  23. Fragaria ananassa Berried Treasure Series ‘Red’ ‘Pink’, Strawberry (Walters,Proven Winners)
  24. Geranium (x maculatum) ‘Crane Dance’, Hardy Geranium (Walters)
  25. Geranium pratense‘Delft Blue’, Cranesbill (Wayside, Rush Creek Growers, DeVroomen)
  26. HelleborusHoneymoon Series ‘Tropical Sunset’, Lenten Rose (NH Hosta, Walters,Spring Meadow)
  27. Hemerocallis ‘Purple Panther’, ‘Purple Leopard’, Daylily (direct from hybridizers)
  28. Hemerocallis ‘Mom’s Kind Heart’, ‘Traces of Time’, Daylily (direct from hybridizers)
  29. HeucheraDolce Series ‘Spearmint’, Coral Bells (Garden Crossings, NH Hosta, Terra Nova, Walters,Proven Winners)
  30. Heucherella‘Pink Revolution’, Foamy Bells (AB Cultivars, Walters,Proven Winners)
  31. HibiscusSummerific Series ‘Holy Grail’, Rose Mallow (Breck’s, Walters,Proven Winners)
  32. Hibiscusx moscheutosSummer Spice Series ‘Grape Sorbet’, Rose Mallow (Growing Colors)
  33. KniphofiaPyromania Series ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’, Red Hot Poker (Walters, Proven Winners)
  34. Leontopodium nivale alpinum‘Blossom of Snow’, Edelweiss (Suttons, Plantipp, Etsy?)
  35. Leucanthemumxsuperbum‘Coconut’, Daisy (Terra Nova, Spring Hill)
  36. Liriope muscari‘Purple Explosion’, Border Grass (Sooner Plant Farm, Plant Haven, Garden Debut)
  37. MonardaLeading Lady Series ‘Orchid’, Bi-color Bee Balm (Hirt’s Gardens, Walters,Proven Winners)
  38. Nepeta ‘Cat’s Pajamas’, Catmint (Saunders Brothers, Walters,Proven Winners)
  39. Paeoniax ‘Oochigeas’, Itoh Peony (Brecks,Proven Winners)
  40. Pennisetum alopecuroides‘Etouffee’, ‘Jambalaya’, ‘Hush Puppy’, Fountain Grass (Emerald Coast)
  41. Perovskia atriplicifolia‘Blue Steel’, Russian Sage (Monrovia, High Country, Pan American Seed, Kieftseed.com, Fleuroselect)
  42. Phlox Earlibeauty Series’Daughter of Pearl’, ‘Rose Bouquet’, ‘Solar Flare’, Interspecific Phlox (North Creek, Primrose Path)
  43. Rose‘Top Gun’ (Weeks Roses, Prides Corner, High Country Roses, Jung)
  44. Sedum Sunsparkler Series ‘Dream Dazzler’, Sedum (Great Garden Plants)
  45. VeronicaMagic Show Series ‘Wizard of Ahs’, Spike Speedwell (GreatGardenPlants.com, Overdevest, Prides Corner, Saunders Brothers, Walters,Proven Winners)
  46. Veronica longifolia‘Forever Blue’, Speedwell (Darwin, Ball Seed)
  47. PPA plant of the year: Stackys monieri‘Hummelo’

Sharee Solow’s skill and vision are demonstrated as she seeks to expand the garden ideal in her numerous designs, lectures, articles, and classes. Her broad background spanning theater, marketing, horticulture, and landscape architecture coupled with extensive international travel, forms the aesthetic palate needed to handle the diverse creative demands found in clients’ outdoor spaces. Sharee completed intensive seminars in Japan where she earned certificates in garden design history, construction, and maintenance. She is a past board member, guest judge and academic jurist for many regional organization, adjunct professor of Perennial Design, and active with ASLA, APLD, NAJGA, PPA, GWA and is PA Certified Horticulturist #824. www.SolowHorticulturalDesigns.com